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Last year’s budget changes are here!

It was hard to think about the impact of last year’s zero budget when the changes were announced but now that they have come into effect some people might be feeling the pinch. My student loan repayment obligation at 10% … Continue reading

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Paying back your student loan

The start of a new tax year was marked by the implementatoion of student loan changes announced in last year’s budget. It marked the end of a 10 per cent bonus for voluntary repayments made to your loan balance. The minimum … Continue reading

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Financial choices come back to bite

Here’s a story I came across on stuff a while back about Marcus Jeremy and the financial choices he made five years ago when he began studying. I’ve been meaning to post this for ages so here it is: I’m … Continue reading

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An issue of (no) interest

Prime Minister John Key has announced student loans will remain interest-free. PHEW! I can’t say the issue hadn’t crossed my mind with all the changes being made to cut costs and increase revenue. I currently owe $27,980 on my student … Continue reading

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