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Financial choices come back to bite

Here’s a story I came across on stuff a while back about Marcus Jeremy and the financial choices he made five years ago when he began studying. I’ve been meaning to post this for ages so here it is: I’m … Continue reading

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Beating the psychology of spending

Patrick Commins of the Sydney Morning Herald tells us how to train our brains to avoid unnecessary spending: Think you need that new iPad? Reckon you like more expensive wine? The range of marketing strategies you face can have a profound … Continue reading

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Times are changing

Last night I was looking through my online banking statements from two years ago and my how things have changed! My spending habits back then were shocking! With the number of Trade Me purchases, fast food and visits to the liquor … Continue reading

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Personal finance tip # 5

Change your habits – do you really need that daily latte on the way to work or will a coffee made at home or work do? Do you purchase low ticket items on your credit card just because you don’t … Continue reading

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