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Making the most of Money Week

This week is New Zealand’s inaugural Money Week. An entire week dedicated to financial awareness and education. Rumour has it, Australia has follwed suit (or perhaps we did) and launched Money Week this week too! Regardless of who thought of it first, … Continue reading

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An update on my financial goals

In May I set my financial goals for the next 12 months; in June these goals changed. This was due to more urgency being placed on paying off my Vodafone bill and because I wanted to pay off three more … Continue reading

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Update on my dealings with Jubilee Budget Advisory

Ok so turns out I misinterpreted the email from Jubilee Budget Advisory. I have made some changes to my budget so I can pay $40 towards Jubilee a fortnight, meaning I will pay $400 off the $600 balance by the … Continue reading

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Every time!

Today I reached a milestone of paying off two more debts. The buzz from that was short-lived as I just received an email from Jubilee Budget Advisory. For those who haven’t read it already, here’s the background story on why … Continue reading

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Assistance from budget advisory services

A free budget helpline has seen a large increase in calls in recent months. The service’s operator is attributing the increase to a delayed impact of the recession, referrals from Work and Income New Zealand and referrals from the Ministry of … Continue reading

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