Troublesome tooth causing pain for my pocket

When I was in debt I found that there was always some big expense that would crop up when I could least afford it. I used to feel like this only happened to people who were struggling financially – because some of the time, it seemed like everything was working against me. However, I’ve learnt this is not the case after a large portion of my tooth broke off in August, the night before we were due to fly to Auckland.

I managed to get an appointment the next morning after my dentist had a cancellation, $200 and a rebuild of my tooth with a filling, and I was on my way. Two weeks of severe toothache later I had to go back to the dentist to have said filling removed. It was replaced with a temporary one, while we waited to see if the tooth would settle down or if I needed a root canal (my third one!) The tooth couldn’t make up its mind so gave me pain on some days, then was pain-free on others. The dentist sent me home for another 10 days to see if it would settle – it didn’t and once again I returned to the dentist in agony.

The temporary filling was removed, and the first stage of a root canal was done. However, the canal is too narrow and the dentist couldn’t get all of the nerve out of the tooth so the root canal was stopped and the tooth covered with another temporary filling. While it seems like things haven’t really progressed at all, it’s gone from fixing a broken tooth, to whether or not I need a filling or a root canal, to I need a root canal, to the root canal may not work in which case the tooth will have to be removed.

The verdict will come on Friday at what will be my fifth dentist appointment since August for that one tooth! I’ve had numerous injections, a couple of X-rays, a filling, two temporary fillings, a lot of pain and a partial root canal but I’ve only paid $200 to date. I won’t know how much the total bill is until the tooth either comes out or the root canal is finished, but I’m certainly not looking forward to it! Luckily my dentist is through Lumino, who offer payment options, otherwise with the absence of an emergency account, I’d have been in trouble!


About Renee

I'm 26, currently living in Invercargill with my partner. I have a good job as a Communications Officer in the public sector but my bills still exceed my income. The way I have always dealt with my problems is to talk about them. My debt has been a problem for so long, yet I kept it private. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!
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