Money Week 2013 – make a date with your money

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It’s mid-way through Money Week (1-7 September) so if you’re interested in getting your personal finances in check, head along to one of the many free events throughout the country or phone the financial advice line, run by the Institute of Financial Advisors, to make an appointment for an hour of free financial advice. This kind of advice usually comes with a price tag so if you have some burning questions around debt, Kiwisaver, insurance, budgeting or anything financial, get in touch with these guys! has a great collection of money-related articles this week, including a live chat from 12-1pm each day.

If you miss out on the opportunities provided during Money Week, gives you access to free financial information, planners and calculators year-round that can help get you and your finances – well – sorted!

There’s plenty of resources out there, so if you’re struggling financially, feel burdened with dumb debt, want to start a budget or are saving for the future, take the first step and take advantage of some of these free resources today!

Disclaimer: This sounds a bit like an advertisement but I’m not being paid, I’m just passionate about helping others find their way to financial freedom!





About Renee

I'm 26, currently living in Invercargill with my partner. I have a good job as a Communications Officer in the public sector but my bills still exceed my income. The way I have always dealt with my problems is to talk about them. My debt has been a problem for so long, yet I kept it private. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!
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